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What the critics are saying…


'Feast of Carols' opens the holiday season brightly

Gloria Musicae's annual holiday program…was a glorious abundance of Christmas-spirited music to usher in the season…artistic director Joseph Holt packed in enough challenging and deeply beautiful music to last us through to the New Year.

December 3, 2013, Sarasota Herald-Tribune CONCERT REVIEW: Gloria Musicae's 'Feast of Carols' opens the ...

Patriotism filled the hall at concert

Sung to perfection by Gloria Musicae…great fun…sparked our patriotism…standing ovation from the audience…we clapped right out to the streets. Happy Birthday, U.S. of A!

July 8, 2013, Sarasota Herald-Tribune  The Sarasosta Herald Tribune 07/08/2013

Collaborating with a legend bears fruit excellence of this choral ensemble…strong and expressive voices…

Gloria Musicae threw an entertaining celebration and I'm still star-struck.

April 10, 2013, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

A Review of "Music in Reel Time" with Dick Hyman, April 2013  The Sarasota Herald Tribune 04/10/2013

Songs deliver the cozy essence of holiday spirit

...high level of performance quality and good cheer…on so many levels, this was simply a glorious musical evening.

December 20, 2012, Sarasota Herald-Tribune  The Sarasota Herald-Tribune 12/20/2012

Masterworks’ Beethoven is oddly uneven

…the chorus, prepared by Joseph Holt, sang as clearly and beautifully as I have yet heard in this town.

March 2, 2013, Sarasota Herald-Tribune  The Herald Tribune 3/2/2013.     

Preview of Sarasota Orchestra Concert. Joseph Holt prepared the chorus in The Herald Tribune 2/24/2013.

Press for "Such Was the War:" November 11 and 12, 2012

Gloria Musicae delivers program of remarkable power

...profoundly moving artistic creation…Holt has elevated the performance quality of this professional chorus significantly while creating programs of remarkable power…

November 12, 2012, Sarasota Herald-Tribune The Herald Tribune 11/12/2012

Preview (Sarasota Herald Tribune): The Herald Tribune 11/08/2012

Preview (Sarasota Observer): The Obsserver Spotlight 11/07/2012


"Gloria Musicae's Season Will Feature American Composers" by Susan Rife

Sarasota HeraldTribune, 9/10/12

The Herald Tribune 09/10/2012


James Grant, Composer